During a chemical peel treatment, a mild acidic solution is applied to the skin to gently promote a limited, controlled elimination of superficial facial skin. The objective is to provoke a regenerative response that stimulates the creation of new elastic fibers and collagen. The result is a healthy, more uniform appearance of facial skin.


Chemical peels have been used for many years to address skin damage that can accumulate over time due to sun exposure and medical conditions such as acne and post-pregnancy melasma. Treatments remedy conditions such as sun spotting, uneven pigmentation, wrinkles, creasing, and areas of dullness in skin complexion. For best results, we recommend an initial schedule of three treatments every 2-4 weeks, with subsequent maintenance treatments every few months.

Chemical peels are classed according to their concentration and degree of exfoliation:

  • Superficial peelings: targeting the most superficial layers of the epidermis
  • Medium peelings: targeting the epidermis and dermis
  • Deep peelings: targeting deeper layers of the dermis

Pro-Derm Chemical Peels

Our clinic uses Pro-Derm chemical peels, a line of medical-grade products for all skin types and conditions, and patients of all ages. These products cause a minimum of discomfort, have minimal recovery times, and give the most immediate results.

During your consultation, we will discuss your concerns, recommend the best treatments to address your needs, and establish a schedule to achieve the best results. Depending on your needs, we offer the following chemical peel treatments:

Timeless Tx with peptides

Indications :

  • Aging skin, sun damage
  • Loss of skin tone
  • Lines/wrinkles
  • Dehydration
  • Loss of skin radiance

Radiance Tx with peptides

Indications :

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Dull complexion
  • Loss of skin tone
  • Sun damage
  • Dehydration

Clear Up Tx with peptides

Indications :

  • Impurities
  • Acne
  • Black heads and dilated pores
  • Oily skin with or without imperfections
  • Seborrheic dermatitis

How to best prepare your skin for a chemical peel

7 Days prior to treatment

  • Do not perform any mechanical exfoliation of your facial skin
  • Remove exfoliating products from your daily skincare routine
  • Avoid exposure to the sun, and if this is not possible, apply sun protection with a minimum 30 SFP, and wear a hat
  • Avoid applying any topical products that may dehydrate your skin
  • Drink plenty of water each day

In the days following your chemical peel treatment

It is normal to have redness or mild desquamation of skin in the treatment areas. The intensity of post-treatment effects largely depends on the peeling concentration, and any secondary effects should disappear within 1-5 days.

It is important to closely follow the following recommendations:

  • Do not clean skin in the treatment areas for 8 hours after the procedure.
  • Keep your skin hydrated and drink lots of water
  • Protect your skin with sunscreen (SPF of 30 or higher) for at least one month post-treatment to avoid sunburn and hyperpigmentation
  • Do not exfoliate your skin for one week post-treatment
  • Avoid washing your face with very hot water
  • Avoid spas, saunas, and tanning salons for at least 2 weeks post-treatment
  • Avoid pulling or scratching your skin as this can lead to hyperpigmentation
  • Certain oral and topical medications should be stopped prior to the peeling – our physician will advise you when you can begin taking them again

Your treatment session

Prior to your chemical peel, we will clean and prepare your skin.

Upon application of the chemical peel, you may feel a mild tingling or sensation of warmth as the solution takes effect. These sensations are normal and quickly pass. Depending on the facial zone or condition being addressed, the solution may be applied in multiple layers.

To complete the treatment, we apply a hydrating solution and sun protection to calm, restore and protect your skin against UVA and UVB damage. Immediately after treatment, your skin will be more sensitive to sun exposure, it is therefore essential to protect your skin with a high-quality sunscreen of 30 SPF or higher.

To maximize the benefits of your chemical peel, we can also suggest topical products to apply before and after the session.